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Hunger is a pervasive issue that affects people from all walks of life in North Carolina. While we may not always notice the extent of this problem, it is impacting people around us everyday, from those who live next door to kids attending school with our children, and many others in our communities.


Find out the facts about hunger in North Carolina and Alamance County.

Then help us spread the word and find solutions by sharing what you've learned.

North Carolina


Image Source: Feeding America

Alamance County

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Image Source: Feeding America

More Facts About Hunger and Food Insecurity in Alamance County

Food Insecurity: People are considered food insecure if they do not have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active lifestyle at all times.    * The poverty line in the USA for a family of 4 is $30,000 (2023). * The median household income in Alamance County is $44,155 (2008-2012).  * 17.3% of the residents in Alamance County live below the poverty line (2008-2012). * 18% of the residents in Alamance County are food insecure (2013). * The est. population for Alamance County (2013) is 153,378. That means 26,700 residents live below the poverty line and 27,600 are food insecure.
 Facts About Children:    * 22.9% of the population in Alamance County is under the age of 18 (2013). * Children are eligible for federal nutrition programs when household incomes are below 185% of the poverty line. * 55.6% of the children in Alamance County are eligible for the Free/Reduced Lunch program in our public schools (2011). * 27.4% of the children in Alamance County (9,690 children) are food insecure (2013). * 28% of the children in Alamance County who are food insecure are ineligible for federal nutrition programs.

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