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About S.A.F.E.

Our Mission:

We constantly strive to empower individuals and strengthen families in Southern Alamance County and beyond by respectfully and compassionately providing food assistance, developing relationships, identifying needs beyond food, and seeking solutions to those needs, while witnessing to the love of Jesus Christ.

Our God-Sized Goal:

Standing on God’s promise in Mark’s gospel that “All things are possible with God” (Mark 10:27) the S.A.F.E. Board has set an ambitious goal of serving 3,000 families a year, starting in 2014. This number represents approximately half of the food insecure families in Alamance County. We know S.A.F.E. will only achieve this goal through God’s power and provision.

Our Ultimate Goal:

We ultimately want to end hunger in our community. Of course hunger is complex; People are hungry for so much more than just food. People are hungry for healthy 

relationships, safe surroundings, and God’s abundant love. With this in mind, we will build relationships with all who come through our doors, always seeking ways not just to feed the hungry, but to end all hunger, all to the glory of God.

Our Challenge to You:

How might you help S.A.F.E. faithfully live into this mission and these goals? What gifts and talents can you contribute? What are the assets of this community that are currently underutilized? How can we build and strengthen relationships, put down deep roots, and develop beautiful friendships that are truly transformative? What gets you excited about making a difference in this community?

Our Volunteers Are The Backbone of Our Ministry.

Without Volunteers we would not be able to achieve any of our goals.

Visit our Volunteer page to see how you can best serve your community!

Our staff and board of directors ensure that we stay on target and are following through on our goals. To see who those people are, please click the link below. 

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